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Atlus to publish Kickstarter-funded RPG Cryamore in 2016

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Atlus has picked up the Kickstarter-backed Cryamore, an action role-playing game by indie studio NostalgiCO, for a summer 2016 release.

The news came in an an update yesterday to the game's campaign page. NostalgiCO writes that "since May 2014, we have been maintaining correspondence with a fantastic publisher ... they had initially reached out to us, in fact, and expressed interest in helping us finish the game." That publisher, it reveals, is Atlus, which will help push the game out next year.

This is not the first time that Atlus has helped out a Kickstarter project: Citizens of Earth was similarly picked up by the publisher in 2014. That game, another take on the RPG genre, saw release earlier this year.

Cryamore's campaign update details the benefits of the partnership with Atlus, namely increased quality assurance, marketing, and distribution for the game. The studio is quick to mention, however, that it will retain full control of the development process.

Another change precipitated by the publishing deal is a revision of the game's available platforms. Back in 2013, Cryamore was set to launch on the PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, as well as iOS and Android. The Atlus-sponsored game will now debut on Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Windows PC, and Xbox One. The mobile versions "are likely to be cut from the initial release," as well, due to issues with programming the game for touchscreen devices.

Backers have pledged over $240,000 in support of the game's development. This was over four times more than $60,000 requested by the developer, which was able to hit all of its stretch goals.

Funding ended back in February of 2013, with the studio working on the game ever since.

The title's rocky development period was also detailed within the same update post. The studio included a written "development recap" detailing its trajectory from the funding period's end in 2013, to a cut in development staff in 2014, to the new partnership and release window. Also included was a video featuring a look at the game's "work-in-progress footage."

Mini-Development Trailer #2 from Cryamore on Vimeo.

The team at NostalgiCO concluded with the promise that a playable demo will be available in October.

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