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World of Warships might be the best free-to-play wargame yet

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After what seems like years in beta, World of Warships finally sails out of dry dock tomorrow for its official launch. Captain Charles L. Hall invited Admiral David Tach aboard the USS Polygon for a proper shakedown cruise.

Wargaming shows its experience in this title. Not only is Warships an exciting game from the very first level, its nuance expands as the play progresses. While you can give them as much money as you want, there's still a compelling experience here for zero dollars.

We tour the early game in a light cruiser, and then step up to the flattops — early US aircraft carriers — and launch flights of bombers and fighters deep into uncharted waters.

You can watch this video in full 1080p, at 60 fps, on our YouTube Gaming channel. We hope you'll subscribe as well.

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