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Final Fantasy 15's latest tease includes fishing, fighting and riding chocobos

Final Fantasy 15 hasn't gotten any big announcements at TGS 2015 thus far, but Square Enix didn't come empty handed. The developer released two new trailers today, as well as a handful of screenshots, one of which highlights the game's heroine, Luna. The others focus on Noctis and his band of boys out and about in the game's vibrant world.

The first trailer, dubbed "Dawn 2.0," is a mix of brand new footage and shots we've already seen in the original "Dawn" trailer. Notably, this trailer includes a longer look at Luna and a lot less father-son time between Noctis and his dad.

A second video from Square Enix follows the team on various real-life excursions through the wild — many of which inspired creatures and locations in the game.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to launch in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A more specific date is expected in March of 2016; director Hajime Tabata has said previously that the team is aiming for a simultaneous global launch.


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