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Watch 10 minutes of Metal Gear Online in action

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Metal Gear Online, the online multiplayer mode coming to Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, is playable at Tokyo Game Show this week, giving us our first taste of what it's like to competitively Fulton other players in the middle of a deathmatch.

The Phantom Pain players will get access to Metal Gear Online on Oct. 6 on consoles, next year on PC. The online mode will adapt many of the gameplay elements from the single-player portion of The Phantom Pain — stealth, shooting action, Walker Gears and, of course, Fultoning — for competitive play.

Konami's showing one of the Metal Gear Online's more interesting modes called Bounty Hunter at TGS. In the team-based mode, each team's objective is to reduce the opposing team's tickets to zero. Killing an enemy or Fultoning them from the battlefield will consume one of their tickets.

The twist in Bounty Hunter comes in how the developer is, in a way, discouraging killing your enemies. When a player scores a kill in Bounty Hunter mode, they'll have a bounty placed on their heads. As they kill more players, that bounty grows and they'll find themselves more exposed on the battlefield. First they'll show up on the game's mini-map, but as their bounty increases, they'll have a marker placed over their character's head — just like a marked target in the single-player portion of The Phantom Pain.

Fultoning a player with a bounty on his or her head will cash that bounty into tickets for your team. For example, if an enemy player has a bounty of six on their head, capturing them and Fultoning them will give your team six extra tickets. The only way to reduce a bounty on your own head is to Fulton other players, which, in the midst of a firefight, can be pretty tough. But it can quickly turn the tide in game's of Metal Gear Online.

For a longer look at Metal Gear Online, the Bounty Hunter mode, classes and some of the unique characters that are playable in the online mode, check out Konami's official demo video above.