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Halo 5’s REQ System explained by Nick Offerman in new video

Halo 5: Guardians' new Requisition system is the subject of a new video starring Nick Offerman, best known for Parks and Recreation.

Microsoft shared the above cartoon explainer, hosted by the Offerman-voiced Mister Chief, on YouTube today. The video combines game footage with a simplistic animation style as the "copyright-avoiding" Mister Chief details how the Requisiton, or REQ, system works.

The REQ system is a key part of the game's multiplayer modes, Arena and Warzone. Mister Chief spends the length of the 5 minute video explaining the function of REQs and how players can accumulate REQ points and cards.

Halo fans will appreciate the video as a helpful guide to this major change for the series. Those who are less familiar with the sci-fi first-person shooter series can still watch for the charming cartoon style and Offerman's hilarious voiceover.

The multiplayer mode will run in a stable 60fps. Developer 343 Industries showed off how the game manages to stay at that consistent framerate in both single- and multiplayer earlier this week.

Halo 5: Guardians will launch on Oct. 27 as an Xbox One exclusive. Publisher Microsoft showed off the new multiplayer at this year's E3. We later asked its design director Kevin Franklin to answer some of the questions we had about the changes.

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