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NFL player's touchdown celebration a tribute to Super Smash Bros.

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

If this touchdown celebration looks familiar to Super Smash Bros. fans, well, that's because one devised it.

Travis Kelce, a third-year tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, wound up and socked this crowd-pleasing end zone celebration (er, well, it was on the road actually) during the Chiefs' week one victory over Houston. Most thought his punch was improvised, or borrowed from Popeye cartoons, or maybe Sugar Ray Leonard in the "No Mas" fight. Nope.

"I got the actual move from Super Smash Bros.," Kelce told the NFL Network. "Donkey Kong had the original Fist of Zeus." Fist of Zeus is what a fan named the celebration after the highlight went viral.

Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports, here's what that looks like.

Gfycat GIF

Last year, Kelce impersonated Ric Flair after scoring against the 49ers, so if you see him do something unusual in or on the way to the end zone, it's probably premeditated. NFL players! They're fans like us, too, you know.

Kelce scored two touchdowns in the game versus Houston but wasn't as fortunate on Thursday night against Denver. Neither were the rest of the Chiefs, who lost on an absolutely agonizing fumble with 27 seconds left in the game. For the hell of it, here's the sports gaming site Pasta Padre's take on how that would have played out in Madden NFL 16.

Yep, that's about right.

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