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Polygon Longform: The feature story podcast

Features like you've never heard them before

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We love feature stories at Polygon.

They've been a mainstay of our coverage since the days when we were building Polygon and publishing on the gaming hub of our sister site, The Verge. We love telling stories about not only games but the people behind them.

Last year, we started something new by creating spoken word versions of our features, embedded within each. This week, we're making that audio easier than ever to get, with a podcast we're calling Polygon Longform.

These audiobook-like productions will be available whenever we publish our biggest features. Subscribe, and you'll receive them automatically, free of charge, as soon as they're released. But you don't have to wait for a new feature to start listening.

The Polygon Longform feed is already loaded with stories. We added each of our previous productions, so it's already filled with hours of great features, including "How Electronic Arts Lost Its Soul," "The Fall of THQ" and this month's cover story, "After Darksiders, Joe Madureira channels Final Fantasy."

So, please take a moment today to subscribe to Polygon Longform using the links we're about to drop in the next paragraph.

There are several ways to follow Polygon Longform. You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes with one click or add it to your podcast player of choice using its RSS feed. It also lives online at Polygon Longform's SoundCloud page — and in the SoundCloud app. You'll find the embedded audio in each feature, too. For those of you who'd rather control your files, you can always download each story as an MP3 from the SoundCloud embed.

And if you're a fan of talk radio and news and podcasts in general, you should really check out Polygon's other podcasts, too. Longform joins our growing list of shows, alongside the review-focused Quality Control and our daily news show, Minimap. Subscribe to them all and treat your ears.

So there it is: Polygon Longform. Many of you have asked for it. We're happy to deliver and help you come to our features in whatever way works best for you. If there's any way that we can make this better for you, let us know in the comments.