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Alpha demo for crowdfunded Outer Wilds now out in the wild


A demo for the alpha build of Fig crowdfunding project Outer Wilds is available to download today through its campaign page.

While Polygon spent some time with the game, described on its Fig page as "equal parts MystKerbal Space Program, and Majora's Mask," and its developers in August, this is the first opportunity for backers and others to get their hands on the first-person space exploration game for themselves.

The Independent Games Festival Grand Prize-winning Outer Wilds is the first game to be supported by the Fig platform, which aims to reward backers not just with the usual digital copies, art books, and other goods, but also by offering them a percentage of the revenue.

Fig was founded by Justin Bailey, and features an advisory board including his former Double Fine compatriot Tim Schaefer, as well as Brian Fargo (CEO of Wasteland 2's inXile Entertainment) and Feargus Urquhart (Obsidian Entertainment).

There are currently 578 backers claiming their stake in Outer Wild's success, having raised over $101,000 of its $125,000 goal. 15 days remain until the campaign closes.

Outer Wilds does boast one big-name investor already: its production studio Mobius Digital, founded by Masi Oka of Heroes fame.

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