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Here we go again: Twitch is playing Fallout 3

Don't look now, Twitch is playing Fallout 3.

"So the player character is going to be stupid no matter his intelligence," was one arch comment on NeoGAF, which spied the endeavor earlier this afternoon. Actually, the character has a 5 in Intelligence and everything else except for Perception, which is 1, to make way for the 10 Luck, which actually is a very smart idea.

The crowdsourced romp through the wasteland doesn't appear to have a large userbase/followership yet — just 45 as of the time this was written. With the built-in delays, it's a lot of looking at a Pip-Boy and standing around.

But maybe give it time? After all, a couple of weeks ago this Twitch-Plays-X fad went up against Dark Souls' hardest pair of bosses and prevailed after it adopted a turn-based method of control. At 2 p.m. Twitch Plays Fallout landed a head shot on Officer Kendall in the escape from Vault 101. Maybe by this evening they'll have killed Butch and taken his mom's booze.

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