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Free HBO? Emmy host Andy Samberg starts an interesting social experiment with login

The HBO series Game of Thrones was a popular target for humor during last night's Emmy Award ceremony, and host Andy Samberg took this opportunity to share "his" HBO Now login during the broadcast.

Just in case you're curious, the login information was:

  • password1

Viewers rushed to try the login, and it actually worked. At least for a while. There were some fun Easter Eggs hidden in the account as well.

So what happened next? The login stopped working for some, others received an error saying too many devices were logged into the same account, and the profile information was often changed. I couldn't log in using the information above as of this morning.

It's likely only a relatively small number of viewers were ever able to use the account, but of course HBO has a solution if you were frustrated trying to get in.

As publicity stunts go, this was a pretty good one.

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