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Rock Band 4 Xbox adapter is $25 by itself, $10 for Amazon pre-orders

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The adapter to use your old Rock Band instruments on the upcoming Xbox One is available at a discount to Amazon customers, according to a press release from Harmonix.

The Xbox 360 instrument adapter is normally priced at $25 when purchased on its own. However, Harmonix reveals that customers who pre-order using the code "RB4ADAPTER" can get $15 off their Amazon purchase.

Harmonix detailed the need for the adapter back in August. Microsoft removed native support for Xbox 360 peripherals on the Xbox One by altering how wireless controllers connect to the console. Thus, anyone looking to use guitars and drums from the series' previous entries on Microsoft consoles will need to purchase the adapter.

According to a statement from a Harmonix representative given to Polygon when we first shared the news of the adapter, only wireless versions of these controllers are compatible with the Xbox One. USB microphones, however, will work in Rock Band 4 without the need for an adapter.

Unlike on the Xbox One, Rock Band 4 for the PlayStation 4 does not require an adapter to use older instruments. It will also support both wired and wireless peripherals. A full compatibility chart for instruments across both systems is available on the Harmonix website's forum.

The adapter is slated to launch alongside the game on Oct. 6. It will also be available in a bundle with the Xbox One version, which will cost $79.99. This is $20 more than the adapter-less PlayStation 4 copy.

Other bundles for both consoles include the updated instruments made especially for the release of the series' first entry since 2010. A copy with the guitar alone costs $129.99, while the full band set will put you back $249.99.

Harmonix also confirmed today that a pre-order for the Xbox One game nets you an extra 12 songs, ranging from tracks by Babymetal to Linkin Park. The songs first appeared yesterday on the Xbox One online shop.

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