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Persona 5 reveals key difference from predecessors as new details emerge

The latest issue of Famitsu has new story and characters details, as well as screens, for Persona fans on the series' next installment.

According to the magazine, the story from Persona 5 will differ from the last two mainline games. Instead of facing off against a central enemy, the Phantom Thieves that make up the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 game's cast will take on different opponents. This is due to its "omnibus story," the article mentions.

The article adds that a theme of that story is "social reform." The protagonist and his team aim to make antagonists confess their crimes and regain stolen hearts. These villains reside in a mysterious place called the Palace. A smartphone app system is in place to help the characters keep in contact and locate their enemies.

Personas will also be of service to the heroes, and the new Famitsu has the names of these characters. The protagaonist will be joined by Arsene; Ryuji's Persona is Captain Kid; cat-like Morgan unleashes Zoro; An uses Carmen.

Famitsu also has new details on the mysterious fifth teen seen in the new trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2015. Yusuke will also wield a Persona named Goemon, and may join the party later in the game.

Persona 5 will see release next year. Originally slated for a launch this winter, the delay was announced at TGS last week. Along with the new release window and trailer, information about the main characters also came out of the show, including their names.

The issue also features a ton of new screenshots of the game, including gameplay and cutscenes. Dual Shockers uploaded a gallery of the new images.

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