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Rick and Morty creator shares first look at virtual reality game

Justin Roiland, best-known as the creator and star of Rick and Morty, is designing a virtual reality game. PC Gamer spoke to the animator and shared a peek at what that could look like.

With an HTC Vive dev kit already installed in his house, Roiland showed off his notebooks filled with game ideas and concept art during the interview. Specific details are light, but his sketches reveal a sci-fi setting familiar to Rick and Morty fans.

Co-partners on the developing project include William Pugh of The Stanley Parable, as well as StressLevelZero, which is behind the virtual reality game Hover Junkers.

Roiland first tweeted to fans that he was drafting his own VR game, specifically for the HTC Vive, back in August.

The HTC Vive, which is a collaboration between manufacturer HTC and software developer Valve, is not yet available in stores, but we have had several chances to go hands-on with the device. We demoed games for the system back in March, and tried out the controller over the summer.

When we spoke to Jeff Gattis of HTC in July, he said, "I don't know if we're necessarily going to hit retail for holiday, but we're still very committed to that." A press release from Valve in August stated that while a limited number of units will be available later this year, the HTC Vive will ship in greater quantities starting in the first quarter of 2016.

While gamers won't be able to explore a virtual rendering of the Rick and Morty universe, the pair recently made their gaming debut in Dota 2. A pack for the online battle arena game lets fans swap out the default announcers for the hapless teen and his alcoholic scientist grandfather, who is voiced by Roiland. Dota 2 players can get that now for $7.99.