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BioShock for iOS temporarily removed from the App Store

2K Games' iOS port of BioShock has been temporarily removed from the App Store in an effort to address compatibility issues, according to the company.

A search of the store reveals that the mobile version of the game, which launched last August, has vanished.

A spokesperson for 2K Games explains that the game was taken down due to its incompatibility with iOS versions 8.4 and above. In an email to Polygon, the representative added that "2K is fixing the compatibility issue, and when resolved, will place BioShock back on the App Store for purchase." No further timetable beyond "the near future" was given for an updated iOS version.

Those who own the game may still play it on devices running iOS 8.3 or below.

The publisher first acknowledged the issue on its support page in July. A member of the support team wrote in a post about the iOS problem that more information about a fix would arrive in a future update that never came.

2K China developed the port, which supported both touch controls as well as Bluetooth peripherals. When playing the game with a controller on the iPad, we found it felt familiar to its console counterpart in our hands-on impressions. The touch controls were less satisfying, however.

The desktop App Store on Apple computers still offers the Mac edition of BioShock for purchase.

Earlier this year, 2K pulled digital versions of the console game's sequel from the App Store, as well as Amazon, the PlayStation Store, Steam and the Xbox Games Store. No explanation was given for BioShock 2's removal then, but it later returned to the various marketplaces, where it remains available.

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