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Destiny's Black Spindle sniper rifle will be available 'often' in the game's rotation

Did you miss out on nabbing Destiny: The Taken King's new sniper rifle, the Black Spindle, which popped up as a surprise weapon drop in yesterday's daily heroic story mission? Don't worry, Destiny players, it sounds like you'll have plenty of opportunities in the future to tackle that particular challenge.

Bungie designer Rob Engeln said on Twitter that "Lost to Light," the mission in which players can acquire Black Spindle, will be in the daily heroic mission rotation "often." And it sounds like it will also be back soon, according to another tweet from Engeln.

Black Spindle is The Taken King's exotic equivalent of Destiny's legendary "year one" sniper rifle, the Black Hammer. Acquiring the Black Spindle is no mean feat; to get it, players have to endure a brutal 10-minute fight against a horde of Taken enemies.

For details on how to get a Black Spindle of your own, check out Polygon's video guide.

Correction: An earlier version of this post said that Black Hammer was an exotic-class weapon, when it is actually a legendary weapon.

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