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Destiny: The Taken King patch removes exotic engram trick

Bungie updated Destiny: The Taken King yesterday with a new patch that eliminates a recently discovered exploit that allowed players to quickly and easily amass a large number of powerful weapons and armor pieces.

Patch notes for "hot fix" version highlight a handful of updates to the game, but the most notable is the one related to Xur. Three of Coins, one of the items sold by the weekend salesperson, "now provides a smaller increase in exotic engram drop chance when rapidly killing ultras," the developer explains.

This will come as a disappointment to those players taking advantage of a trick that involved using the Three of Coins to collect these rare items.

Previously, buying the consumable and using it before taking down one of the game's "ultra" enemies would increase the likelihood of a post-battle engram drop. These engrams, a specific one of which can also be purchased from Xur on a rotating basis, constitute weapons or armor and vary in rarity, with the exotic level representing the most uncommon.

With the Three of Coins exploit, you could purchase and use as many of the item as you wished, then repeatedly enter battle with ultras in order to acquire exotic loot, easily increasing your inventory.

The patch doesn't eliminate Three of Coins' effect; it just lowers the bump in your chance of receiving exotic engrams if you kill ultras in rapid succession.

The game's most coveted gear is at least easier to acquire in Year Two of Destiny than in Year One. Not only is the collection of these weapons receiving an upgrade, The Taken King's increased focus on quests will result in more structured ways to acquire them, as opposed to the stressful experience of doing so until this point.

And being that today is Friday, don't forget to check out Xur's newly updated inventory. You can take a look below.

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