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Watch this neat Lego Dimensions Easter egg

With so many different beloved fantasy, sci-fi and comic franchises colliding in one game, there's bound to be some Easter eggs in Lego Dimensions.

And there are, lots. Lots and lots and lots. Heck, even the end credits is a delight. But this thing I discovered is a bit more of a surprise, so I didn't spoil it in the headline or so far.

But if you want to remain clueless, you should stop reading now.

After you beat the game, you're likely going to be taking the elevator up out of the main portal room to roam the stony plateaus that are home to the game's many different dimensions. But if you head to the far right of the screen and then take the rocky ramp down, you'll find a "mystery portal." And that's exactly what it's called.

Hop in and you're delivered to the real world where you are asked to do battle with waves of enemies from every dimension you've unlocked. Once you beat the three waves for each dimension, the game has another surprise.

You run into real-world, not mini-fig, Joel McHale.

McHale, who also voices the game's assistant bot X-PO, has a chat with the game's lead mini-figs before helping them on their way.

Interesting side note: This survivor mode of the game included every dimension I had unlocked, even ones that weren't in the campaign. I wonder if that ending changes in some way as you unlock more dimensions.

Update: As some of you have noted. The McHale footage is actually pulled from the trailer ... which is odd. But you can still play in his house, so that's new and heat!

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