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UHF Autobots get 50 high-def missions in Transformers: Devastation

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Transformers: Devastation seemingly came out of nowhere with its announcement this past spring and, unlike past titles from this franchise, it doesn't seem to be some kind of "yes-that's-nice" adaptation. Activision put Platinum Games on the case to make a brawler that knows its audience and knows what they want — which is the family of Sunbow-era cartoon Transformers throwing the hell down.

The game is coming a week from Tuesday and here Platinum developers explain it all — from a cyber-terraformed Earth to difficulties ranging from "Scout" to "Prime." Really. Hound is hella hurt by that.

The trailer is filled with the gorgeous shine-bite animation of the 1980s cartoons, plus the iconic sound effect of the Transformers transforming. How do you spell that, anyway?

me and charlie

However you spell or pronounce it, Transformers: Devastation rolls out Oct. 6 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.