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Press Start: Halo 5, Spelunky Mario Maker, and the beautiful game

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The news of the week:

Oculus VR staged its annual show and announced a retail version of its headset, arriving in November. There was quite a lot to come out of Oculus Connect, in fact, including news that Minecraft would be coming to the set, enhancing the VR profile it introduced with HoloLens at E3 2015.

Other things got dated, or backdated. Star Wars Battlefront's beta? October 8, all platforms. Mighty No. 9? Well, Feb. 9, 2016, we'll see if Comcept can hit its third target. Hitman? That's getting pushed to March so that Io Interactive can refine and add more to the game.

More news of note: Black Ops 3 lacks a singleplayer campaign on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which is as much a sign of those consoles' retirement as it is a trend in bro-shooters. TBS, which a decade ago was still broadcasting Atlanta Braves games followed by Sanford & Son and Mama's Family, now turns its attention to eSports and Counter-Strike. Speaking of eSports, the guy everyone loved to hate last week — the dude who jacked the price on that drug by 5,500 percent — is involved with a League of Legends team.

Welcome back to Press Start, a weekly recap of Polygon's news, notes, criticism, opinion, original reporting and observations, encapsulating the past seven days to get you ready for the ones to come.

Last Week in Five Stories

  1. Full Contact: Hands-on with Halo 5's Arena Multiplayer

    I loved Halo: Combat Evolved's multiplayer, but I think every original Xbox owner was contractually obligated to. I enjoyed Halo 2 at first but the battle rifle's rise to prominence soured it a bit for me. I think the series struggled to find that balance since. Now, in Halo 5, it's a lot of fun to hit things again.

  2. Watch Spelunky's creator build a hellish stage in Super Mario Maker

    According to Spelunky creator Derek Yu, one of the game's biggest inspirations, especially in terms of the feel and physics, was the Super Mario series. So what happens when we put the tools to make a Super Mario level in Derek's hands?

  3. FIFA 16 review: Golden Goal

    All eyes fall on the betting favorite when a fickle crowd turns and cheers the underdog. After Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 arrived, players of both games wondered if the big goals routinely scored in FIFA 15 were truly earned. FIFA 16 responds with a longtime pro's self-confidence, never too proud to shape up the softer parts of its game, and committed to winning on fundamentals, not reputation.

  4. Your body isn't your world: The heroes of Mad Max and disability

    I noticed a small detail on the opening moments of Avalanche Studio’s Mad Max: Max was wearing his leg brace. Max first acquires it after his leg is shot and ridden over, at the end of the first film. You don’t really see the leg brace in the latest film, Fury Road, though it is there.

  5. Kickstarter CEO discusses company's new charter, goals for the gaming space

    Nearly six-and-a-half years after it was founded, Kickstarter is changing its charter, transitioning to something called a "public benefit corporation." So how will that change Kickstarter? How will that influence the types of projects it hosts on its site? And what should backers expect going forward?

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