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Lego Dimensions' Portal isn't canon

Lego Dimensions is a wonderful game that both leans on and lifts up the many movies, television shows and games included in its splendid multiverse romp.

But do any of the happenings in the TT Games title have a permanent impact on the dimensions of these many creative works?

No, at least not in the case of Portal and the deliciously malicious GLaDOS.

While Valve was consulted about the making of the Portal section of the game, they didn't actually write the dialog, plot or even that wonderful end credits song. (That was, as with the other GLaDOS songs, written by Jonathan Colton.)

And the story is not meant to represent, what would be in this case, a significant change for GLaDOS.

"As with the other IPs, I think it might be better categorized as 'inspired by' the original IP (or in the same vein as) instead of 'being canonical,'" a Valve spokesperson told Polygon.

So rest easy, in the dimension of Portal, GLaDOS remains unchanged from when last you saw her.

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