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Pokémon butts go on sale at Japanese Pokemon Center

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Pokémon fans, this is the news you have been waiting for: The official Japanese Pokémon Center store announced a new product line today exclusively featuring the behinds of various Pokémon.

Pikachu, Growlithe and Piplup are a few of the monsters comprising the Hip Pop! Parade collection launching Oct. 10. Each item features its mascot character's backside.

These include:

Boxers and briefs;


Change purses;

more. pokemon. butts

Tote bags;

pokemon butts 3

And butt pillows, as seen above, as well as other products with which fans can express their appreciation for an oft-ignored feature of the pocket monsters.

In Japan, the Pokémon Center is the series' official retailer and has various locations across the country. operates the online version of the store and the news post indicates that certain items will be available through it after launch.

No word yet on if the American Pokémon Center, which is the series' Western online-only marketplace, will receive this merchandise. In the meantime, scroll through the Japanese store's announcement to get familiar with your favorite Pokémon's best angle.

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