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Civilization: Beyond Earth Rising Tide trailer reveals team Korea and hybrid units

Firaxis' Civilization: Beyond Earth expansion Rising Tide arrives on Oct. 9. Publisher 2K Games today released a trailer detailing a new race while looking at hybrid affinities.

The fourth and final group of human cultures from Rising Tide are the Chungsu, led by Han Jae Moon. Hailing from the Korean Peninsula, Chungsu's strengths lie in espionage and covert ops. Other new races include Al Falah (the Middle East), North Sea Alliance (the British Isles and Scandinavia), and Integr (Germany).

Hybrid affinities are being expanded in Rising Tide to allow civilizations to further specialize their units and access additional cultural benefits. In Beyond Earth, players choose particular progress paths that reflect their own values, leading to very different civilizations.

Today's trailer outlines how particular affinities can be merged to produce new units or societal boosts. Rising Tide's main addition to the game are expanded options for building on water hexagons, harvesting ocean resources and churning out naval units.

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