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SOMA gives a tour of creepy environments in latest trailer

Darlin’ it’s creepy down in the deep sea

SOMA, Frictional Games' Amnesia: The Dark Descent successor, is offering a new look at its chilling world today to those brave enough to take a peek.

The latest trailer for the sci-fi horror exploration game is appropriately titled "Environments," and pairs eerily calm narration with a slow, creeping journey through its dark and mysterious setting.

Along with the release of the trailer, Frictional Games took to its blog to answer some frequently asked questions about the game. The post elaborates on the complex puzzle design, active and passive storytelling, and most importantly, fear factor.

SOMA takes place in PATHOS-II, an abandoned underwater facility, and asks you to make some tough existential choices on your quest to find the truth behind its radio silence.

The PlayStation 4 and PC horror game will be available Sept. 22, leaving you just a few short weeks to prepare yourself for its story-driven scares. In the meantime, check out Polygon's most recent gameplay preview, as well as an interview with the developers.

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