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Rocket League's latest patch kicks off season 1, lets PC users ditch their PS4 friends

Rocket League's 1.05 patch is set to drop in "two weeks or less," according to the game's official site, and will kick off the game's first season. It also includes a slew of changes, including the ability to filter out PlayStation 4 players in matchmaking on PC and to search for new ranked matches at the endgame screen.

Rocket League is Psyonix's vehicle-driven, off-the-wall soccer game, in which players try to score goals in souped-up cars and trucks. Other fixes will remove bugs that caused PC players to appear nameless, fix chat and improve corruption protection for game saves. The update also notes that Middle Eastern servers "will still come at some point," and that the developer is adding a music player interface to change the game's music.

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