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With rumors of a game-supporting Apple TV looming, Apple launches gaming Twitter feed

App Store Games just went live on Twitter and it's being run by Apple's game editors, Apple tells Polygon.

While Apple declined to go into details, we have been told that the new Twitter feed will feature things like tips, previews and developer interviews, all centered around the Apple Store's legion of games.

This is the latest in what appears to be a series of moves to streamline and improve the way games are presented and discovered on iTunes.

A few months ago, the same App Store Games editorial team went through the Games section of the App Store and added human curation to the many sub-sections of Games (like Racing and Platform). This replaced the charts that were previously automatically generated based on downloads and money made, both of which some developers tried to game.

More news about the channel, its posting schedule and full intent is expected tomorrow.

On Sept. 9, Apple is hosting a press conference. Among the rumors surrounding the event, is the possibility that a new Apple TV will be shown off, this one designed to support, among other things, games.

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