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New to Hearthstone? Here's what that legendary card you want really does

Hearthstone's legendary cards are the rarest in the game, which means they're also the most sought after when players are opening packs. But they have a way of tricking new players. Despite their rarity, and despite stats and effects that often appear very powerful, legendaries tend to be very situational. They can win you a game, sure, but they can also sit in your hand doing nothing.

To help out with the confusion, Reddit user elveszett has create a gallery of "honest Hearthstone legendaries."

You may think that the dragon card Nozdormu just speeds up the in-game clock, but elveszett reveals its true power: wrecking the game for anyone playing on a phone. And Majordomo Executus' deathrattle normally reads "Replace your hero with Ragnaros, the Firelord." Elveszett has replaced that text with the card's true deathrattle: "You lose the game."

My personal favorite? The new Dr. Boom. This card is a staple in my own decks and largely considered one of the most overpowered minions in the game ... unless your opponent has some form of removal for taking him down instantly, such as a Big Game Hunter. Here's the revised Dr. Boom card:

fake dr. boom hearthstone

Be sure to check out the full album of tweaked cards from elveszett on Imgur. If you want to see more Hearthstone goofiness, you can watch Griffin and me playing this week's Tavern Brawl in the video below, or catch other Hearthstone videos on our YouTube playlist.

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