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An absurd Mario Maker stage from the creators of You Don't Know Jack

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Chicago-based developer Jackbox Games does something almost no other developers do: they make games that are, first and foremost, about comedy. From the recently revived comedy-trivia series You Don't Know Jack to multiplayer party game collections Jackbox Party Pack and the upcoming Party Pack 2, every game that comes through the doors of Jackbox (formerly known as Jellyvision Games) has an emphasis on making players laugh, through a combination of witty, snarky writing and player-submitted joke answers.

In this installment of our Devs Make Mario series, we tasked Jackbox Games' Evan Jacover and Steve Heinrich with building any Super Mario Maker level they could think of using a prerelease copy of the game. The resulting stage is... well, without giving too much away, let's just say it's very Jackbox.

Got a game developer you'd like to see try their hand at Mario Maker? Let us know in the comments and they may appear in a future episode!

(Music: NΣΣT - "Dim Sum")

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