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Take a hysterical tour of Grand Theft Auto 5 in history's tiniest car

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If you're not familiar with the Peel P50, it's the smallest car ever put into production. Even though you'll probably never get to drive one yourself (only 27 cars from the original 1962-65 run are still in existence), you've got the chance to tool around Los Santos in one thanks to Grand Theft Auto 5 modder popos1. While aesthetically identical, the mod does make one notable addition: A reverse gear. The original car had no reverse, just a handle in the back that the driver could manuever.

The above video shows how this simple mod instantly converts GTA 5 into a hilarious, 60s era farce, but you can experience it for yourself by getting the mod here. It's a riot, just do your best not to laugh. It's for your own good.

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