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Jimmy Kimmel proves his point by creating an almost unwatchable Let's Play

Jimmy Kimmel riled up the YouTube game-watching audience earlier this week by suggesting that watching people play video games wasn't very fun.

Last night he proved his point, sitting down with two well-known gaming YouTubers to create a Let's Play of his own.

The result is a painfully awkward, nearly nine-minute-long video. The YouTube video kicks off with Kimmel walking into a room wearing a PowerGlove and carrying an NES Zapper to meet the YouTubers, and ends with him suggesting that gamers are so lonely they don't know how to hug correctly.

What started out as a fun little bit showing how knee-jerk overreactive some gamers can be — his first two videos on the topic are essentially Kimmel reading out the many, bizarre death threats he received in comments — turned into Kimmel becoming the name-caller.

While gamers Markiplier and MissessMae both took his awkward goofing and mocking in stride, the whole thing isn't very funny — instead it feels like Kimmel trying to reignite a feud that fueled his viewership among a younger audience.

You can watch the clip that kicked this whole thing off, and is actually pretty funny, below.

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