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High-tech-armored martial artists clash with swords in proposed sport of the future

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Unified Weapons Masters is a relatively recent Indiegogo campaign that hopes to kickstart a new sort of sport combining full-contact sword, axe and dagger fights with space-age, intelligent body armor.

The idea is that people would suit up in "Lorica" armor, step into a ring and beat the crap out of each other with stiletto, sai, sword, axe and buckler in front of a live audience.

The armor, which covers every bit of a fighter and includes a helmet that fully encases the head, is packed with biometric sensors, cooling system, a microphone, a helmet cam and the ability to sense the exact location, speed and force of a hit.

The suit is designed to both protect the fighter, but also provide as much mobility as possible for a person wearing what amounts to a high-tech suit of armor.

The team has actually already created and tested an array of prototypes, but they're looking for money to help them put together next-gen suits designed to be lighter, safer and used, if things go well, for the first live competitions in 2016.

You can read up on the tech used and the ultimate goals over on the campaign site.

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