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Star Wars' best toy will grow and improve as The Force Awakens gets closer

Star Wars: The Force Awakens' $150 BB-8 toy is an impressive piece of technology, and it's hard to believe how well it works even after spending a day with the little guy. The droid seems to be selling well online, but what BB-8 does today is just the beginning.

The app that's used to control the droid will be updated as the movie gets closer, adding more features and more details about who the droid is, and what role it will play in the film.

"We have a whole release schedule that builds up to the movie," Adam Wilson, the co-founder and chief scientist at Sphero, the toy's creator, told Polygon. "So when the movie comes out, you'll know a lot more about your BB-8 as well. Some of the things we had planned to put in there we purposely held out so we can release them as updates. More things will come: more firmware, more behavior, everything."

So how much do they know about the story? "Honestly, we don't know much more than an extremely avid Star Wars fan who watches every week." Wilson does know certain things; Sphero was able to ask a few specific questions and deduce things about the character that will be used to improve the toy as more details are released to the public. They have a list of things that will be released to the toy on first day of the film's release to help you learn more about the droid.

Which raises an interesting point: should we be worried about BB-8 spoilers?

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