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Game developers team up to aid children in warzones

Top game developers are teaming up to release a charity compilation of games to help children affected by war.

The teams will work through a six day global game jam to create games for a bundle called "Help: Real War is Not a Game." The compilation is being released by War Child, which launched a famous charity music album featuring top British artists during the 1990s.

Teams currently involved (best known games in brackets) include the following, with more to follow:

  • 343 Industries (Halo)
  • Creative Assembly (Total War)
  • Sports Interactive (Football Manager)
  • Curve Digital (Stealth Inc.)
  • Bossa (Surgeon Simulator)
  • Spilt Milk Studios (Crunch)
  • Team 17 (Worms)
  • Hardlight (Crazy Taxi: City Lights)
  • Carbon Games (AirMech)
  • Torn Banner (Chivalry)
  • Hinterland (The Long Dark)

"War Child's work evolves around a simple premise," said Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson. "No child has started a war, so no child should be affected by one. Whether it's rehabilitating ex child soldiers in Democratic Republic of Congo, creating child helplines in Afghanistan, providing safe spaces for Syrian refugee children, or the work in so many other countries; wherever they are they make the world a better place for children forced to live with war.

"For so many studios to have got involved in this project at such an early stage is really humbling. I hope many more join the cause and get involved in something that will be fun, rewarding and make a huge difference in children's lives across the world."

"Help: Real War is Not a Game" will be released on PC early next year.

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