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The Flame in the Flood coming to Steam on Sept. 24

River survival game The Flame in the Flood will be released for Steam Early Access on Sept. 24, according to developer The Molasses Flood.

Previously the game was only available for Kickstarter backers, where it raised more than $250K late last year. The new version includes various updates such as an extra area and raft upgrades. The Flame in the Flood, created by former developers at Irrational Games, is an action puzzle game in which a girl and her dog attempt to survive a post-apocalyptic river journey.

"There are a couple key points that differentiate us from many of the survival games out there," said developer Forrest Dowling in a recent Polygon interview. "The biggest and clearest is the river and the raft. That's not something I've seen much of out there, and it serves as a driving force that will always be pushing you forward."

You can watch our recent play of the game below.

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