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ESRB listing teases XCOM port to PS Vita

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An ESRB listing has appeared for "XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus," which appears to be a port of the 2012 strategy game for PlayStation Vita.

The remainder of the description is identical to the original summary for the game that launched on PlayStation 3, Windows PC and Xbox 360 three years ago.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown launched Oct. 9, 2012 on the two consoles and PC, and later was ported to Mac OS and the iOS and Android mobile platforms. An expansion, XCOM: Enemy Within, launched in November 2013 for all the above platforms.

A sequel, XCOM 2, is due in February and is coming only for PC platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). Developing studio Firaxis announced at the end of August that it had to be delayed three months from its original launch date to polish and finish the game.