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The Hearthstone play that (almost) never ends

One of Hearthstone's oldest cards is the Knife Juggler, a minion that shoots a one-damage dagger at a random enemy whenever another minion is summoned to his side. One of Hearthstone's newest cards is Dreadsteed, a demon horse that only has one health but summons a copy of itself whenever it's killed.

So what happens when you mix these two minions along with a healthy dose of buffs?

In the video above from YouTube user The Optimistic Brit, a board is setup with two heavily buffed Knife Jugglers and five Dreadsteeds on each side. The ensuing play is nothing short of majestic, with Dreadsteeds being summoned and Knife Jugglers shooting non-stop for over 10 minutes. In fact, the play keeps going well after both heroes have been killed from Knife Juggler hits.

Check it out above and see if you can set up a similar play with your friend. The rhythm is strangely relaxing.

If you're looking for more Hearthstone silliness, you can watch our take on this week's Tavern Brawl in the video below, or take a look at our YouTube playlist for even more Hearthstone videos.

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