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Report: New Apple TV will focus on gaming

This Wednesday, Apple will be holding an event in San Francisco to unveil new products and services. While the company has yet to reveal specifics about those products, a new report from The New York Times says that gaming will be a major focus of the news.

According to the report, Wednesday's event will see Apple unveil a new version of the Apple TV. The Apple TV, a small box that hooks up to televisions, has existed in various forms since 2007, but it's been primarily used for watching video or using video-focused apps.

The new Apple TV, however, will reportedly have more power, a game controller peripheral and access to the gaming portion of Apple's app store. The New York Times says the device will sell for around $150 in an attempt to undercut the much more expensive PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

We'll be covering Apple's event later this week and will have all the details on the new Apple TV and whether or not it's poised to enter the world of gaming.