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Elite Dangerous' full launch date on Xbox One is Oct. 6

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The Xbox One version of the space combat simulator Elite: Dangerous will launch on Oct. 6, David Braben, the CEO of Frontier Developments said in a Q&A with fans over the weekend.

Elite: Dangerous has been in the Xbox Game Preview, a kind of Early Access program for the console that Microsoft introduced at E3 2015. It launched on Windows PC in December 2014. A PlayStation 4 version is planned as well, but no release window has been given.

Braben added that Horizons, the first expansion to Elite: Dangerous, would also become available on Xbox One but didn't offer a timetable for when. While those who participated in the Xbox Game Preview of Elite: Dangerous will get an in-game reward, their ships and modules will not transfer over to the full edition once it launches. Braben said the cash value equivalent of whatever a player had in his inventory will carry over to the full game, however.

Braben also hinted that an account transfer between the Xbox One and PC editions "probably" could happen in the future, but was not more specific.

Horizons is due to launch for PC this holiday, at $59.99, and will introduce the ability to land on any of the billions of in-game worlds, dogfight over their surfaces or drive on them with wheeled vehicles.

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