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Square Enix sharing ‘secret’ at Tokyo Game Show

Square Enix has announced its full livestream event schedule for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show via a new teaser trailer.

The schedule, which is shown at the end of the teaser, details the various presentations the company will hold throughout Sept. 19 and 20.

The most intriguing inclusion on the packed list is an event simply labeled "secret." This mysterious showing is one of the earliest scheduled, and will run for half an hour on Sept. 19 at 12:30 JST.

Square Enix TGS 2015 secret

The promotional video also includes footage from its marquee console games: Final Fantasy 15Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithfulness, Just Cause 3 and Dragon Quest Builders.

These are just a few of the bigger titles the company plans to show off, with its complete line-up available on its TGS 2015 page.

Whether Square Enix plans to use the secret presentation to show off a new title, new footage, or something else entirely is anyone's guess. With the company primarily showing off mobile games, however, there's a good chance that the reveal could be along those lines.

Polygon will be reporting from Tokyo Game Show, which begins Sept. 17 and runs through Sept. 20.

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