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NBA Live 16's face-scanning app delayed but demo is not, EA Sports says

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The face-scanning mobile app for NBA Live 16 will not make it to the iOS or Android stores tomorrow as had been originally announced, EA Sports said this morning, chalking the delay up to the mobile app submission process.

While no new date was given, NBA Live's official Twitter account said this delay will have no effect on the Sept. 15 launch date for the NBA Live 16 demo.

NBA Live 16's demo will offer the chance to create players and use them in a slice of its new multiplayer suite, Live Pro-Am, which features cooperative/competitive multiplayer at a variety of real-life pickup venues. Normal modes of play also may be sampled, including a play-now mode featuring six teams.

NBA Live's developers touted the head-scanning app at Electronic Arts' E3 2015 keynote, between what it offers and the frustration many had with NBA 2K15's head-scanning feature (which used Kinect or the PlayStation Camera). The app was contracted to an outside firm; NBA Live executive producer Sean O'Brien has promised it will deliver fast results and a quick import into the game.

For more, see a preview of Live Pro-Am, and more details on the demo, from our conversation with O'Brien last month.

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