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Watch Castlevania designer Koji Igarashi build a level in Super Mario Maker

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Super Mario Maker is an incredibly powerful toolset, enabling anyone with a Wii U and a few spare minutes to play level designer. But what happens when we put these tools in the hands of some of the world's greatest game devs?

This is Devs Make Mario, a new feature here on Polygon where we task some of our favorite game developers with creating a stage within Super Mario Maker. To start, we've recruited veteran designer Koji Igarashi, the man behind titles like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and the record-breaking Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, to build any Super Mario World stage he could imagine.

Above, watch IGA-san explain the idea behind his level (It's a Ghost House, naturally), before seeing a full playthrough of his entire creation.

Got a game developer you'd like to see try their hand at Mario Maker? Let us know in the comments and they may appear in a future episode!

(Music: NΣΣT - "Sakura")

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