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Hide the kids: Honest Game Trailers eviscerates Rocket League

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Honest Game Trailers is back to lay down some brutal truth on another sacred cow of video gaming and, yeah, they're right about Rocket League, especially the part about being offered free on PlayStation Network.

I, too, did not know this was a "series" until the game was offered free on PSN launched in July. The comparison to 8-year-olds playing soccer also is spot-on, though I confess, that is my M.O. when I play, too.

If you want some more useful advice on how to play Rocket League, see this how-to from Charlie Hall that's full of sound tips, tricks and fundamentals. Or if you just want to vent your frustration, replay the Honest Trailer above. Other big-timers getting skewered by the series include Minecraft, Counter-Strike, Heroes of the Storm and, most recently, Metal Gear Solid.

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