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Tale of Tales hints at next project: 'Not a game'

Tale of Tales has a new project in development. A website and Twitter account for Cathedral in the Clouds have gone live, offering a logo, a promise of more details arriving in October and not much else.

The announcement on the studio's Facebook page makes sure to mention that Cathedral in the Clouds is "NOT A GAME." The post also advises followers to keep a close eye on the project's social media channels. The project's website also allows for subscribers to receive email updates.

Developers of the ex-game studio Aureia Harvey and Michael Samyn made news this summer after publicly announcing their intention to leave commercial game development, after their latest title Sunset failed to meet sales goals.

"Creativity still burns wildly in our hearts but we don't think we will be making videogames [sic] after this," Harvey and Samyn wrote in their farewell blog post. "And if we do, definitely not commercial ones."

Both Tale of Tales' developers have since launched individual Patreon campaigns in support of their future projects. For Harvey, that includes podcasts and other new media endeavors. Samyn, on the other hand, has been writing a series of posts accessible only to patrons on the subject of "exploring multimedia poetry without commercial constraints."

More information about the Cathedral in the Clouds project is available as part of Samyn's Patreon-exclusive development log. In the meantime, gamers are left to speculate as to the nature of this "interactive project."

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