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Apple releasing iOS 9, watchOS 2 on Sept. 16

Apple announced today the release dates for both iOS 9 as well as the new Apple Watch operating system, watchOS 2.

Both the iPhone's iOS 9 and the watchOS 2 will be available Sept. 16.

Apple previously detailed the iOS 9's new gaming-specific features at the company's annual WWDC keynote, as we reported in June.

Of the six frameworks specifically designed for gaming, three are new:

  • GameplayKit, for creating artificial intelligence and pathfinding
  • Model I/O, for lighting 3D models
  • ReplayKit, for recording and sharing gameplay

These features join the pre-existing SpriteKit, SceneKit, and Metal, which have also been enhanced for the new operating system.

The latest Apple Watch was also previously unveiled at June's WWDC and includes the ability to create native apps which run on the watch and access to more of the iPhone's features.

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