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Exploring the weird and wonderful world of Dropsy the Clown

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Warning: the gameplay video above contains some story and early puzzle spoilers for Dropsy.

Dropsy: A Point and Click Hugventure is a classic point-and-click adventure game with "a lot of love put into it," in the words of its creator, Jay Tholen. When we previewed the game recently, we were struck by its bizarre, oddly beautiful world and its creepy (but lovable) protagonist, Dropsy the Clown. But we barely scratched the surface.

Tholen recently stopped by Polygon HQ to show us Dropsy and give us insight into the making of the game. He also brought along a real-life clown.

Inspired by Ron Gilbert's work in classic LucasArts adventure games (Gilbert is working on Thimbleweed Park), the ethos of Mr. Rogers and a bright, melted crayon aesthetic, Dropsy is something very special. Check out our gameplay video above for an interview with Tholen and guided tour of one of the coolest, weirdest game worlds we've seen all year.

Dropsy will launch tomorrow, Sept. 10, for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, with tablet versions to follow.

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