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The SteelSeries Nimbus is the poster child for Apple TV controllers

Now THAT'S a controller.

Though Apple isn't making its own traditional controller for the new Apple TV, it is promoting a new controller from SteelSeries on its Apple TV product page and, come October, selling it in Apple Stores, both online and retail.

The Nimbus is a new wireless Bluetooth gaming controller built for the Apple TV that will launch alongside the platform for $49.95. Compared to some other MFi (Made for iDevice) controllers, not to mention the new-gen offerings from Microsoft and Sony, that's a rather reasonable asking price.

The Nimbus' marquee features are:

  • Rechargeable battery with 40+ hours of life for extended play
  • Lightning connector for rapid charging
  • Menu button for instant navigation
  • Pressure sensitive buttons for precise control

SteelSeries Nimbus