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EA Sports says this video isn't a teaser for the return of NCAA Football [Update]

They picked a hell of a time to post something, though

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

A teaser video posted today to the long-dormant Facebook page for EA Sports' NCAA Football series got fans' hopes up that the series may return. An EA Sports representative tells Polygon that is not the case.

Update: EA Sports has made a third statement on this matter.

We have no new plans or announcements to make regarding the EA SPORTS NCAA Football series. Today's National Championship game reminds us more than ever that the hearts in our community still beat for college football.

The video was a simple three-second clip of an electrocardiogram scan, suggesting the franchise had a new heartbeat. It does not. Polygon inquired directly with EA Sports about the video and its meaning, and received two replies. The first said the label has nothing to announce and that the video was posted because college football's national championship game is tonight.

Asked to clarify further, EA Sports told Polygon: "No news, sorry to get your hopes up."

Later, the Facebook post in question added this text: "Our heart still beats for the big game... ‪#‎NationalChampionship."

Our heart still beats for the big game... #NationalChampionship

Posted by EA SPORTS NCAA Football on Monday, January 11, 2016

Before today, the last post on the page was in July 2014.

The NCAA Football series was canceled in September 2013 after settling a $60 million lawsuit over the uncompensated use of thousands of college football players' likenesses going back nearly a decade.

This summer, after Microsoft announced Xbox 360 backward compatibility with the Xbox One console, large numbers of sports fans (including Snoop Dogg) clamored for the last edition of the game, NCAA Football 14 to be made backward compatible. It's unclear if the game's licensing agreement, which has likely expired, would permit that.

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