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Unravel, UFC 2, Garden Warfare 2 all coming to EA Access five days early

Early access, but not the Steam kind

The three games in Electronic Arts' winter slate will all be available five days early to EA Access subscribers, with an unusual restriction on one of them.

Coldwood Interactive's Unravel will go live Feb. 4 on EA Access, while PopCap HD's Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 will be available Feb. 18. EA Canada's EA Sports UFC 2 will come in just before the spring season with an EA Access launch date of March 10. In each case, that's five days ahead of the game's public release date: Feb. 9 for Unravel, Feb. 23 for Garden Warfare 2 and March 15 for UFC 2.

EA initially offered six hours of playtime during the five-day window to EA Access subscribers, but appeared to raise that limit to 10 hours last year. The company has yet to announce details for Garden Warfare 2 and UFC 2, but confirmed recently that Unravel will be playable for up to 10 hours. But according to a tweet from the EA Access account, subscribers will be limited to the game's first two levels. We've reached out to EA to ask why that is the case, although an educated guess is that it would be possible to complete Unravel in less than 10 hours.

EA Access is an Xbox One-exclusive subscription service that costs $4.99 per month or $29.99 a year. For more on Garden Warfare 2, check out our article on how the success of the original game is influencing the design of the sequel.

Update: Asked about the limitations on the Unravel trial, an EA representative told Polygon Jan. 13 that "the Unravel trial focuses on the first two levels so that the majority of the game's puzzles stay a surprise for launch."

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