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Indie shooter Not a Hero passes on Vita port

Instead, it will take up office on PS4 starting next month

Not a Hero, last year's retro-style shooter for Windows PC, will finally launch on PlayStation 4 Feb. 2, but Vita owners won't be getting in on the action.

The team at Roll7 — also known for minimalist skateboarding series OlliOlli — initially worked to bring Not a Hero to both of Sony's platforms, but ran into more than a few roadblocks during the protracted development period.

A post attributed to the game's central figure, mayoral hopeful BunnyLord, explains the Vita game's troubled devlopment with his tongue firmly stuck in cheek.

"I've always considered the Vita to be a key political constituency, but making games work on it is incredibly hard," "BunnyLord" wrote.

"We tried simply copying the whole game onto a 3.5[-inch] floppy disk and jamming it into the back of the Vita, but this caused dangerous overheating and one of our test kits exploded, killing the entire Not a Hero Vita programming team in a fully upsetting and totally avoidable fireball of nasty burning."

Whether or not that ... terrifying story is actually the case, Not a Hero won't be making it to Vita anytime soon.

The 2D side-scroller with a "bananacakes" sense of humor, as we wrote in our review of the PC release last year, will cost $12.99 when it hits the PlayStation Store just in time for primary season. Check out the PS4 version's debut trailer above.

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