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PayDay 2's next big heist: Goat Simulator. No, really.

It's $6.99 and launches Jan. 14. That's all we know.

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

PayDay 2 and Goat Simulator are teaming up, for some reason known only to their makers.

The heist shooter is bringing Goat Simulator's oddball ungulates with its next round of downloadable content, which arrives on Jan. 14. The pack is $6.99 and includes a new two-day heist, 17 new items (one of which is a weapon), five more achievements and two additional songs —€” but no explanation for what the hell the goats are doing in this game.

Perhaps they are all ferrying cocaine-filled balloons in their stomachs, making these goats drug mules.

PayDay 2 gamers are, charitably speaking, nonplussed about it over on the game's subreddit. Threads here and here are full of incomprehension at Goat Simulator's inclusion, not to mention the fact it's premium DLC, and they don't want to pay for it. It's probably not the best time for a gag like this, either, as PayDay 2 has had issues with its community regarding DLC and microtransactions stretching back to the CrimeFest event in October.

Goat Simulator began as an in-house joke and became an unexpected success in 2014. It's made by Coffee Stain Studios which, like PayDay 2's maker Overkill, is based in Sweden.