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Yes, Destiny's weekly Nightfall strike is busted, Bungie knows (update)

Hang tight, guardians

Destiny's weekly Nightfall strike is currently broken, as players who have tried to complete the challenge have discovered. Bungie's support account tweeted this morning that it was aware of the issue and hard at work to fix it, but the challenge currently remains buggy.

Players discovered that a certain pair of doors required to pass through on your way to finishing this week's Nightfall just won't open. The game's subreddit is currently filled with threads of enraged Destiny players who are still waiting for a fix to this small but major problem.

There's no word quite yet on when this Nightfall, 2016's second thus far, will be back in working order. PlayStation players of Destiny also experienced issues with the game last week, which Bungie acknowledged on Twitter and quickly resolved.

Issues be damned, we still played a lot of Destiny last year — in large part thanks to its expansion, Destiny: The Taken King, which we named our sixth best game of the year in 2015.

Update: Bungie announced on Twitter that it has resolved the Nightfall issue. Now go try opening those doors!

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